Remediation Medical Coursework Tutoring

Remediation Program for Medical School Students

If you've been struggling with your pre-medical or medical school coursework, Medlearnity can help you build a personalized learning plan to cement foundational curriculum concepts in your mind. You'll receive individualized remediation tutoring for medical school from our experienced educators that enables you to master the curriculum, become confident in your test-taking skills, and start excelling in your studies.   

Medlearnity specializes in pre-medical and medical school coursework, so you can rest assured knowing we're absolute experts in our field. All of our exceptional educators have scored between 250 and 260 on the USMLE. No matter the focus, our tutors are ready to dive into the topic you need assistance with. Our remediation program for students is specifically designed to break down foundation concepts, so you can focus on relearning and strengthening your knowledge of the building blocks of medicine. 

Pre-Medical Coursework

Having a solid foundation in your pre-medical coursework is essential to succeeding in medical school. Our curriculum features biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry so you can feel confident about your coursework and show medical schools your full potential.

Our tutors know the secrets to excelling in pre-medical coursework, and they're ready to help you do the same. With their support, you can strengthen your medical school application focusing on pre-med and your MCAT. We'll walk you through the curriculum and teach you exactly how that information will apply to future tests.

Medical School Coursework

The demanding curriculum of medical school is a big leap away from pre-med. At Medlearnity, we serve as a mentor throughout your medical school journey and have the insight to help you excel on your USMLE, COMLEX, and Shelf Exams. Prepare for medical school and beyond with tutors from Medlearnity.

Why You Should Choose MED LEARNITY

Personalized Learning

Our tutors know how to customize sessions specifically for you and assess your personal study needs. 

We take the initiative to pair you with a tutor who is right for you and is an expert in the areas and tests you're studying for. Every session is recorded and emailed to you so that you can review it at any time.

Real Doctors

Our tutoring team is made up of physicians who have practiced and trained at the best hospitals across America.

We provide a comprehensive and unrivaled understanding of the current state of medicine and how current admissions and residency programs work. 

Proven Results

We've helped over 500 aspiring doctors reach their goals on high-stakes medical exams.


Many of our students are so satisfied with our services that they come back for assistance on future exams. We're confident that our tutors will help you significantly improve your exam scores and grades after a few sessions.

What To Expect

A remediation plan for failing students is a unique chance to learn from your past and really focus on the material you're struggling to understand. Take advantage of this opportunity and come back as a stronger student than ever with tutors from Medlearnity.


At Medlearnity, Students Come First. We understand preparing for a high-stakes exam or career prospect can be intimidating and deeply personal (to say the least). Therefore, we approach every student's situation with our utmost attention to detail to see how we can best assist you. Whether you are having challenges meeting your performance goals, or simply want to make sure you are on a path to success, our team is available to share our perspective. 

What to Expect

  • A tutor who is an expert educator who has performed exceptionally well in pre-medical and medical school coursework (90+ percentile)
  • We meet with you on an easy-to-access online platform that allows us to write on the screen like a whiteboard. All session recordings are emailed to you after the session in HD quality, so you can review them on 1.5x or 2x speed at your convenience. This helps to maximize your learning and retention for each tutoring session.
  • Constant communication and scheduling via email and phone in-between sessions. We will make sure your daily schedule is extremely efficient so that you can get the highest score possible on test day.
  • Test-taking advice and drills. During your sessions, you will do intense drills with your tutor to make sure you have no weaknesses on test day. You and your tutor will work through high-yield content, test-taking advice, and study strategies that are tailored to your particular situation.
  • Optimal study strategy. We utilize unique methods like spaced repetition and active recall to help you understand foundational material and memorize information. Study time is precious, and we want to make sure you are being optimal, and studying correctly and effectively.

How to Get Started with Remediation Tutoring


Sign up for our one-hour free trial session. You'll receive an email or phone call from us shortly thereafter for some more information so we can understand your particular situation and assess your personal needs to pair you up with the tutor that's a perfect fit. This way, we're off to a very productive and personalized start, straight from your very first session.


You'll receive an email introducing you to your new medical tutor, and instructions on how to join your first trial session and reserve your session time and date. During this first trial session, your tutor will review content and discuss your study strategy. Feel free to email your tutor beforehand if there is any particular content you want to cover or if you have any questions you'd like to address.


After your free trial session, we'll send you a feedback report with next steps, our recommendations and a recording of your session so you can review any material you went over with your tutor. If you decide you'd like to continue working with us to achieve your goals, we'll set you up with a tutoring package that works best for you.

Book Your Free One-Hour Tutoring Session

The trial session is completely free, so that you can experience the high-quality tutoring we provide. We know that the high-caliber of our services is truly unmatched, and we want you to experience it yourself without any obligation.

Turja C.

USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK Student

"Throughout medical school, my ambitions had always been high but my test taking skills, not always the best. Working with Akshay provided a transformative experience. I had my first session with him while preparing for Step 1, and I have never looked back. Akshay offers a very structured, detailed, and personalized study plan that helped improve my fund of knowledge on a daily basis. During our one on one study sessions, he would be sure to break down complex physiological concepts and focus on subject areas that needed improvement. We would work through test taking strategies that were practical and quickly helped turn around my practice test scores. Thanks to Akshay, my Step 1 Score opened the door to a world of opportunities. To continue this pattern of success, I returned to Akshay for both Step 2 CK and CS. The results of Akshay's training were remarkable. After undergrad, I had only 2 medical school interviews, primarily because of poor test taking. By the end of medical school, I had 38 interview invitations from Internal Medicine programs throughout the country, the highest number of interview invitations for my medical school class. Fortunately, I matched into my number 1 residency program at Johns Hopkins. I would recommend Akshay to anyone looking for a tried and tested strategy for success on the USMLE. More importantly, I thank him for giving me the tools to become a better doctor."

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