Residency Admissions & Match Consulting

Our residency admissions package is comprehensive. We provide invaluable guidance on everything you need to know, from your match list and ERAS application to your personal statement and interviewing.

Personalized Advising

There are many components to applying to residency. Our residency admissions experts know every part of the process, inside and out. We know every student is different; we take the time to understand your personal journey so we can help you best convey your story and be the best residency applicant you can be.

  • Program Selection: Deciding which residency programs you want to apply to can be overwhelming. You might be unsure whether you want to apply to academic or community programs, or both. You might want to consider which regions of the US are your best chance to match. Your residency admissions expert can help you successfully navigate this process.
  • Match Rank Order List: It is important to think about your career goals alongside your residency program options. We will help you formulate a rank order list that ensures you are ranking the right programs (and in the right order) to optimally achieve your long-term career goals.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Knowing who to ask for a recommendation is half the battle, and knowing which letters to use for which residency program is the other half. We help guide these decisions so that you are presenting the version of yourself that is best suited for each program.
  • Application Irregularities: Sometimes medical school is not always as smooth-sailing as you hoped it would be. You may have had to take a leave of absence from medical school, or failed a course or USMLE exam. Our residency admissions consultants have tremendous experience, and know how you can use these challenges to present yourself as a competitive applicant.
  • SOAP Support: This process can be uncertain and overwhelming. Your residency admissions expert will help you make important decisions, in the most informed and thoughtful way, while keeping the big picture and your career goals in mind.

ERAS Application

Your ERAS application is the first thing that the residency admissions committee will see. Your residency consultant will ensure that you are presenting yourself as the best residency applicant possible from this very first step -- they will work with you on everything from inputting activities into your ERAS application, to multiple edits, to finally giving it the final proofread so that it is in top-shape to submit.

Your residency admissions consultant will work with you to formulate your activities into your ERAS application in the most appealing way. They will ensure that you are selecting the right activities to highlight on your application, and that you are describing and organizing them in the right way. Our residency consultants know how to correctly present this information so that it will be the most impressive to faculty that sits on residency program admissions committees.

Interview Preparation

A residency interview can be an intimidating experience. The residency program found you impressive enough on paper to call you in for an interview, but now you have to live up to the hype. Our residency admissions consultants will mock interview you, and walk you through every step so you are fully prepared. 

You need to be prepared for generic questions like "tell me about yourself" but also have solid answers for program and specialty-specific questions like "why our program" and "why our specialty." But you also need to be prepared for hardball questions you might get asked on the interview trail.

Interviewing is a skill, and like most skills, it can be molded and perfected through guided practice. Your residency admissions consultant will help you construct responses that are articulate and thoughtful, and convey your medical school journey in a compelling and impressive way.

Your interview is not necessarily the "last impression" you can leave on the residency program's faculty -- your thank you notes are. Your residency admissions consultant will help you write thoughtful thank you notes, advising you on everything from how to craft an interpersonal touch into your note to whether you should tell a program that you are ranking them number 1.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is often the deciding factor in getting an interview. Craft it to connect with and move your audience. Make it compelling, and show why you will make a unique contribution to your chosen specialty.

Your residency admissions consultant will work with you to write your personal statement and adapt it as needed for multiple residency programs. They are truly experts in this process, and will be the best sounding board you can have to discuss ideas and receive feedback. Your consultant will be with you throughout your entire process -- guiding you through multiple rounds of edits, and constantly providing honest and constructive feedback to help you improve your work.

Why Get Residency Admissions Consulting

There really is right way to apply to residency. Our admissions experts are practicing doctors with real-world experiences on admissions committees at top medical schools and residency programs across the country. They know what can make or break an application, and will help you come up with a strategy and game plan that's tailored to your personal goals.

What To Expect

At Medlearnity, Students Come First. We understand that putting together the perfect residency application or preparing for a high-stakes interview can be intimidating and deeply personal (to say the least). Therefore, we approach every student's situation with our utmost attention to detail to see how we can best assist you. Whether you are having challenges putting together your application, or simply want to make sure you are on a path to success, our team is available to share our perspective. We know you will feel the 'Students First' mentality at Medlearnity from the quality of your sessions and expertise of our team.

How to Get Started


Sign up for our one-hour free trial session. You'll receive an email or phone call from us shortly thereafter for some more information so we can understand your particular situation and assess your personal needs to pair you up a residency admissions consultant who is a perfect fit. This way, we're off to a very productive and personalized start, right from your very first session.


You'll receive an email introducing you to your residency admissions consultant, and instructions on how to join your first trial session and reserve your session time. During this first trial session, your residency admissions consultant will review your application materials and discuss strategy with you.


After your trial session, we'll send you a feedback report with next steps, our recommendations and a recording of your session so you can review any material you went over with your residency admissions consultant. If you decide you'd like to continue working with us to achieve your goals, we'll set you up with an admissions package that's the best fit for you.

Book Your Free One-Hour Tutoring Session

The trial session is completely free, so that you can experience the high-quality tutoring we provide. We know that the high caliber of our tutoring services is truly unmatched, and we want you to experience it yourself without any obligation.

Residency Program Matches, 2019-2020 Application Cycle

  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Pediatrics
  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program 
  • Brown University, Warren Alpert Medical School, Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program 
  • Christiana Care, Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Johns Hopkins, Combined Family Medicine/Preventive Medicine Residency Program

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