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We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality medical tutoring and consulting in the industry, which starts with our incredibly accomplished, experienced and compassionate tutors who deeply care about student success.

For over 8 years, we have helped hundreds of aspiring doctors accomplish their goals on USMLE, COMLEX, Shelf ExamsResidency Board Exams, Residency Admissions, MCAT, Medical School Admissions, and Medical Coursework.

Meet Some Of Our Tutors

Our tutors come from the top medical schools and hospitals in the country and average scores of 

260+ USMLE, 518+ MCAT, 650+ COMLEX

Dustin Crystal, MD

University of Pennsylvania,

Plastic Surgery

Eytan Palte, MD

Columbia University,

Internal Medicine

Amelia Lanier, MD

NYU Langone,


Madeleine Basit, MD

Mount Sinai,
Internal Medicine

Harsh Pathak, MD

Johns Hopkins,

Emergency Medicine

Radhika Srivastava, MD

Wake Forest,


Our Tutoring Services

We'll help you get ready for a variety of exams, courses and admissions processes:

  • USMLE Tutoring: Prepare for the three standardized medical exams you need to be licensed and able to practice medicine in the U.S.
  • COMLEX Tutoring: We can help you study for the three standardized osteopathic medical licensing exams, the most common way osteopathic physicians apply for their medical licenses.
  • Shelf Exams Tutoring: Medlearnity offers tutoring for the Basic and Clinical Science components of the NBME Subject Examinations, which assess students at the end of a course or rotation.
  • MCAT Tutoring: Get ready for the MCAT, the standardized test necessary for admission to most medical schools and that plays a big role in your possibilities.
  • Residency Board Exams TutoringVarious residency board exams are critical milestones as residents prepare for board eligibility and certification.
  • Ongoing Medical Coursework Tutoring: Our tutors act as mentors and can help you with pre-medical and medical school coursework material so you'll excel in class and prepare for future exams.
  • Med School Admissions Consulting: We offer comprehensive guidance for students applying to medical school, with tailored advice for your admissions package, personal statement and interview preparation.
  • Residency Admissions Consulting: Our mentors will help you through every step of the residency admissions process from program selection, your applications, interviews and more.

We Are The Best In The Industry

Over 500+ Student Success Stories and Counting

Personalized Learning

We invest the time to assess your personal needs and pair you with a tutor that's a perfect fit for you. We tailor lesson plans and study schedules, so that all learning is customized for your particular situation. This approach maximizes your potential and results in remarkable learning gains and score increases.

Top Notch Tutors

We hire only the best. Our tutors' high scores on USMLE, COMLEX, Shelf and MCAT exams are unmatched by any other company, and their teaching skills are of the absolute highest quality. They are patient and compassionate educators who deeply care about their students success.

Proven Results

We have helped over 500+ medical students and physician residents excel on high-stakes exams and medical school and residency applications. Our students continue to work with us for several years as they realize the value and impact of our services. The testimonials from our students say it all.

Collaborative Platform

We meet with you on a high-impact online platform. Your tutor will do intense drills with you, give test-taking advice and assign you homework. Each session is designed to prepare you to get the highest score possible on exam day. All sessions are emailed to you to maximize learning  and retention.

Student Testimonials

What Our Students Say About Us

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They are an amazing professionals, with an outstanding comprehension about the process.

They are an amazing professionals, with an outstanding comprhension about the process. They help you through set your bases in knowledge and as person. They help you to build strenght, self confident and resiliance in the journey. This attention is personalized and specific on your needs. My personal expierence I failed couple NBME's and I though I never was going to made it for the step 1. Smrithi help me with my test taking skills and how to approach the questions and keep calm during exams. I pass my step 1 in my first attempt, after 4 months of tutoring. I totally recomend them as a tutoring system and more important the quality of the persons that works here.

amazing job preparing me for my ABSITE exam

Anthony has done an amazing job preparing me for my ABSITE exam. He was always punctual and encouraging for all of my 20hours of private lessons! He really catered to my weaknesses and helped really elaborate on concepts to help further my knowledge. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for tutoring. I'm extremely grateful to him and the whole Medlearnity team for continuously checking up on my progress.

For anyone who needs that extra guidance and help for step 1 and step 2

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Akshay and his team. I used tutors through medlearnity for step 1 and step 2. I worked with Henry throughout most of second year tutoring for step 1. My institution did a poor job preparing for step 1, but with Henry's help and guidance I was able to pass step 1.

Throughout 3rd year I tutoring with Radhika for my shelf exam. SHE IS AN AMAZING TUTOR! After a few lesson she seemed to understand my learning style and catering to it. Right before my internal medicine shelf, I got a concussion. She worked around my schedule and was so supportive. Seriously without her, I wouldn't have been able to get through my concussion on top of a worldwide pandemic.

Leading up to step 2, I worked with Isao along with Radhika. They started to help me with strategy more than content. Leading up towards test day I felt more confident that I ever had with the help of this team.

Akshay is an amazing educator who truly cares about his students! I would highly recommend Medlearnity to anyone who needs that extra guidance and help for step 1 and step 2. Reference Link.

This is an outstanding organization dedicated and fully committed to your success.

This is an outstanding organization dedicated and fully committed to your success. I referred one of my students to them and was amazed at how well the tailored their instruction to his specific needs. I would recommend them without reservation.

I used Medlearnity for my USMLE Step 1 exam and I had a great experience.

I used Medlearnity for my USMLE Step 1 exam and I had a great experience. The tutors were super helpful and were always very flexible and patient. Smrithi and Viemma in particular were amazing! I would recommend Medlearnity to anyone who is in need of extra help when preparing for any exam. Reference Link.

I had the most amazing tutor!

I had the most amazing tutor! She was so good at explaining things that I had always had trouble understanding and making study plans that helped me find and work on my weaknesses. Also, Dr. Goel was a wonderful asset as well and was always checking in and giving advice as well! I don't know how I would have gotten through studying for Step 2 CK during COVID without them! Reference Link.

Great Experience!

I was constantly being taught high-yield information. Anthony kept reinforcing the information I was not grasping right away, and he sensed that. He provided grafts, charts, and other methods of learning to solidify the important concepts. I was given recordings of our sessions, and I will have so much material to use from this point on (I'm a PGY1, and this is an incredible foundation).

Thanks to his guidance, my CK score was 30 points higher than my Step 1 mark! I strongly recommend Medlearnity!

I worked with my tutor for my Step 2 CK for the past 4 months. Throughout the process, he completely changed my way of approaching questions! Even though there was an adjustment period, his techniques proved to be extremely helpful and useful. He was also extremely patient and understanding throughout the entire process. His explanations of medical concepts and problems were very clear and thorough. He was also motivating with his frequent check-ins, which ensured that I gave my maximum effort on a daily basis. Thanks to his guidance, my CK score was 30 points higher than my Step 1 mark! I strongly recommend Medlearnity! Reference Link.

I ended up passing CK with a score that I was really happy with and matched into residency.

I was having a lot of difficulties with USMLE Step 2 CK. I had reached a point where I had thought that I had peaked since my practice scores weren't improving after having already completed UWorld. They helped me with my approach to the questions and taught me methods to better retain what I was learning over longer periods of time. My tutor even helped me prioritize my learning and continued to work with me to create an adaptive study schedule that fit my lifestyle. It really improved my confidence with my knowledge which was reflected in the scores I was seeing. I ended up passing CK with a score that I was really happy with and matched into residency. I never hesitate to recommend their services to anyone I think might benefit. Reference Link.

After having my dedicated period extended due to COVID...

After having my dedicated period extended due to COVID, I felt uncertain about the progress I had made and seemed to be in a firm rut with my studying. Dr. Goel and my tutor, Dustin, helped put me on a schedule to cover everything that I needed. They stayed in constant communication and made sure I had what I needed to succeed. In the tutoring sessions, we covered questions created by my tutor and discussed the main points of each. We also discussed test taking strategies, how to approach questions, and test day advice. Overall, I believe that I benefitted greatly from this service. I appreciate that they have a trial lesson, so you can find out if this program is right for you. Reference Link.

Andrés F. USMLE Step 1 IMG Student
Peter I. ABSITE Student
Mae L. USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK Student
Dr. William Forgey Student Sponsor
Allyson W. USMLE Step 1 Student
Liz A. Step 2 CK Student
Blake C. ABSITE Student
Oliver Y. USMLE Step 2 CK Student
Michael Yeung USMLE Step 2 CK Student
Randi D. USMLE Step 1 Student

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