Latest Date to Take the USMLE

Latest Date to Take the USMLE

If you’re in medical school, you know how important it is to do well on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The USMLE includes three standardized medical exams that aspiring doctors must pass to become licensed and practice medicine in the United States.

Learn about USMLE testing and application dates to help you stay on top of the exam process.

When Should I Apply for the USMLE?

The USMLE is administered year-round, with the exception of major holidays and the first week of January. There are no specific USMLE exam dates. Instead, you choose an eligibility period during which you will take the exam.

There are three steps in the USMLE testing program. You can take Steps 1 and 2 in any order, but you can only take Step 3 after completing Steps 1 and 2. You must apply for each step separately.

Once your eligibility period is approved, you will receive a scheduling permit, which you need to select your exam date.

Can I Apply for the USMLE Early?

Once you have your permit, you can schedule your exam up to six months in advance. Because there are no set exam dates, there is no specific application timeline. Typically, students take Step 1 during their second or third year of medical school, Step 2 during their third or fourth year of medical school, and Step 3 during their first year of residency.

When you should take the exams depends on your schedule and medical school. Some medical schools require certain steps to be completed before students can move forward in the program.

Be Prepared for Your USMLE Dates With Medlearnity

Scoring well on your USMLE exams is crucial to your future in medicine. Your scores determine which residency program you can enter and which medical specialties you can pursue.

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