Meet Farid Ghamsari


"I think there's few among us who go into medicine who don't love to share our knowledge with others. I personally realized I loved teaching in college as a Biology TA. I find it very rewarding to help others understand a difficult concept, even more so when I know I am helping them through some of the most stressful exams of their life like the STEP exams. I'm excited to help you feel ready and prepared to conquer the challenges ahead!"

Farid Ghamsari

Educational Background

  • Undergraduate / University of Arizona/ Class of 2027
  • Medical School / University of Virginia/ Class of 2022
  • Residency / UCSD Internal Medicine/ Class of 2025
  • AOA honor society member.


  • Undergraduate Biology TA; 3 years- Primary instructor for Biology Lab at University of Arizona 6 semesters. Taught a total of about 160 students over 3 years
  • Elite SAT prep 1 year - Private tutoring as well as formal class room teaching in SAT Math and English, Total about 50 students.

Exam Scores

  • Step 1 - 243
  • Step 2 - 262
  • Step 3 - 240

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Farid Ghamsari