Meet Nader Mohamed


I am a seasoned medical and anatomy tutor with a rich history of guiding students through intricate medical subjects. My journey as a medical tutor began, when I tutored over 50 underclassmen, steering them seamlessly through challenging medical concepts in preparation for their Step 1 and 2 exams and upcoming clinical rotations. By employing interactive PowerPoints, I was not only able to reinforce fundamental concepts but also introduce quizzes to promote active learning. The tangible improvement in my students' scores is a testament to the efficacy of this teaching strategy.

Nader Mohamed

Educational Background

  • Medical School / SUNY Downstate / 2024
  • Undergraduate / Colgate University / 2018


  • I have been a tutor for medical students for over two years. To date, I have tutored over a hundred students. I specialize in tutoring for Step 2CK and NBME Shelf exams.
  • My experience was further enriched when I ventured into anatomy tutoring for 1st-year students. I created a mock practical exam that tagged over 300 anatomical structures, providing students with a hands-on approach to grasp anatomy more holistically. The overwhelming positive feedback from students underscored the unmatched value of practical teaching methodologies.

Exam Scores

  • Step 1 - Pass
  • Step 2 - 270

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Nader Mohamed