Meet Matthew Augustine


"While the majority of radiology residencies nationwide adequately prepare their trainees to go out and be competent clinical radiologists, the CORE exam can be a challenging barrier to many. Gamesmanship and a specific knowledge base (which may or may not reflect daily practice) is necessary to ace the CORE. I hope that my personal experience preparing for the CORE as well as knowledge of hot topics and "boards relevant trivia" can help others to be successful on this stressful and challenging test."

Matthew Augustine, MD

Educational Background

  • Undergraduate / University of South Carolina Honors College / 2014
  • Medical School / University of South Carolina SOM-Columbia / 2018
  • Residency / Integrated Interventional Radiology (IR/DR), Mayo Clinic- Rochester / 2024


  • I have expertise in the ABR Core exams and I'm passionate about teaching this material. I have 1 year of medical exam tutoring experience.

Exam Scores

  • Step 1: 267
  • Step 2: 268
  • Radiology Core: >90th percentile

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Matthew Augustine, MD