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"I have always been passionate about medical education, dating back to my residency and fellowship. I have consistently worked to educate both medical students and junior residents. I've organized exam study sessions and educational simulation sessions. I've personally authored study guides that distill the most essential material for major board exams, ensuring students' success.

Additionally, I am well-experienced in crafting board-style questions. I have authored and edited several thousand questions for major question banks, including Kaplan, ABSITE Quest, Pass Machine, and True Learn. I am immensely patient and believe that there isn't just one correct way to learn.

I customize my sessions according to each student to ensure they thoroughly understand and retain the material. It's rewarding to witness my mentees grow and succeed. Knowing they've achieved their objectives fills me with pride. I consider it a privilege to have assisted hundreds of students in navigating challenges to reach their goals.

I am committed to ensuring that my mentees have the knowledge and tools they need to flourish. Moreover, I strive to equip everyone to excel both in the clinical setting and in board examinations. I am eager to assist you in achieving your goals!"

Educational Background

  • General Surgical Residency
  • Cardiothoracic Fellowship

Exam Scores

  • USMLE Step 1 - 253
  • USMLE Step 2CK - 253
  • USMLE Step 2CS - Pass
  • USMLE Step 3 - 234
  • ABSITE - 91st percentile
  • ABS QE - 71st percentile
  • ABS CE - Pass 

Experience Tutoring

  • 10 years of experience educating residents, junior attendings, and medical students.
  • Taught approximately 700 students in various subjects.
  • Specialized in USMLE Step 2CK and 3, COMLEX Level 2 and 3, ABSITE, ABS Qualifying Exam, ABS Certifying Exam, ABIM, ABIM Cardiology, ABIM Nephrology, ABFM, and ABOFM.
  • Also specialized in Surgery and Ob/Gyn Shelf Exams (NBME) and have some experience with USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1.

Experience with admissions work

  • Experience in editing personal statements and participating in the interview process for General Surgery residency and Thoracic Surgery fellowship. Extensive experience in General Surgery residency and Surgery fellowship proficiency.

More reviews about Anthony

"Blown away with how knowledgeable and patient and helpful Anthony was."

I failed my written boards first try and was lost as to how to improve my odds for the second attempt. I googled “general surgery boards tutor” and MedLearnity came up. I gave it a shot with the sample session, and was immediately blown away with how knowledgeable and patient and helpful Anthony was. He has real world surgical experience, and more importantly he understands how board examiners are likely to ask questions. 

He makes sure you understand why you answer things right or wrong, and if you get something right he will ask you other ways that question could be asked. Having a schedule was also really helpful, and he provides a week by week schedule that you can take or leave. In addition he has these incredible study guides that compile lots and lots of factoids into digestible tables & lists. I easily got 5-10 questions just off one of his study guides.

Overall, I trusted Anthony and he really made all the difference in terms of my passing this second time. He is patient, knowledgeable, personable, and really invested in your success. I will absolutely be signing up to work with him for oral boards.


“Anthony’s experience in surgery... helped me hone in on my strengths"

In the words of Serena Williams and Billie-Jean King, “Pressure is a privilege.” I agree completely, but when it comes to the ABSITE, the privilege of being a surgical resident can feel a bit more pressure-like. Thank you to Anthony and the Medlearnity Team for providing professional, reliable assistance in a time of need. Standardized tests never come easy to me, and of course, I ended up choosing a career that is chock full of standardized testing.

The ABSITE is a tough exam, is comprehensive in the topics covered, and is proctored in the midst of working an intense surgical resident schedule. Anthony’s experience in surgery, in test-taking, and test- creating helped me hone in on my strengths, hone in even more importantly on my gaps in knowledge, and truly understand how to focus my study efforts. He provided real time feedback about my thought process in regards to specific practice questions. He provided knowledge about the nuances in a question stem and the respective answer choices to help me successfully answer. He helped me understand the highest yield concepts that would help me succeed on exam day. He provided engaging, effective sessions that accommodated my scheduled, no matter what time of day. I felt supported during the entire time I was working with Anthony and the Medlearnity Team, and I can’t thank everyone enough for the help.

This is the first year I have taken the exam where I felt like I knew more of the answers than not, and it proved to be a much less stressful testing experience overall. Knowledge is power, and Anthony definitely helped me increase my knowledge exponentially, not only to succeed on the ABSITE, but as a surgeon as well.

Thank you for everything!

VH PGY-3, General Surgery

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