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I am a US medical school graduate who has a very difficult time with standardized testing. So much so that initially, I did not pass the second part of the USMLE exam (STEP 2 CK.) I found out about Dr. Goel’s tutoring through a friend who used him for her USMLE test preparation. During our initial meeting, I knew he was the perfect tutor for my needs. He was able to accurately assess my strengths and weakness based on our personal interaction rather than assume what I needed according to my previous score. This was essential to the services he rendered because he quickly determined that I had a wealth of knowledge suitable for this exam but my test-taking skills were the source of my issues. Dr. Goel created a plan that accurately and efficiently addressed the weaknesses in my testing skills. His program included optimizing the use of Anki, which is an electronic note card program, a special strategy to approach the multiple choice questions on USMLE boards, and reviewing material from common board prep question banks. He also designed a pacing system to help me stay on track with timing for each question and he would select various topics for us to discuss the pathophysiology, diagnostic workup, and treatment in order to ensure comprehensive understanding of key medical presentations even beyond the board exam. Overall, Dr. Goel’s support and interest in my immediate and long term goals were exemplary. With his strategic and specific approach, I was able to pass STEP 2 CK with a score that increased by more than 30 points. The results speak for themselves! Dr. Goel is an amazing tutor and he will bring out the very best in anyone with whom he works. His services will be a remarkable asset to any exam preparation plan and he has the experience and results that attest to this. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Goel and I enthusiastically recommend him as an integral component to your medical exam study plan!

– M.P. M.D. (USMLE Step 2 CK)

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