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Radiology Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are the top educators in their respective fields. Becoming a tutor at Medlearnity requires a passion for education, a deep interest in helping other physicians-in-training, and an exceptional track record of exam performance. Every tutor brings their unique talents to Medlearnity, but as an organization, we also have established best practices to maintain a very high-quality educational experience.

What are my payment options?

Medlearnity offers flexible payment options between credit card (Stripe), PayPal, and payment plans over time through Affirm.

How many hours of tutoring do I need?

For a student taking an exam in 3-4 weeks, 10 or 20 hours of tutoring provides a substantial amount of practice and feedback. For students with a longer study duration, we recommend 30 or more hours. An important metric is how much time a student invests in self-study between tutoring sessions. If a student is studying full-time (8+ hours a day), meeting 2-3 times per week is a worthwhile investment given the amount of content covered. We like to think of tutoring + self-studying as synergistic forces that complement each other.

What are the typical results from your tutoring?

Improvements for our students are substantial. Students who complete >20-hours of tutoring often improve their scores by 20-30 percentile points. We've even had students who have previously failed a high-stakes exam like USMLE Step 1 work with us for Step 2 CK to score in the high 90th percentile with >260 scores. One of the essential factors in tutoring results is a student's diligence to self-study and our organization methods. 

Can I change my tutor?

Yes, if a student would like to try a different tutor at Medlearnity, we are more than happy to facilitate this. Sometimes we even suggest a student try a session with a particular tutor given some specialized expertise – i.e., a student is interested in pediatrics, and one of our tutors is an advanced resident in pediatrics. Tutors are always in sync through session recordings and session notes.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Medlearnity has a 24-hour cancelation policy for all scheduled sessions. If there is any emergency preventing a student from attending a session, they must email their tutor as soon as possible. Students receive email notifications for all sessions, so session timings are always crystal clear.

For Medlearnity packages, if a student decides they no longer need all the hours in their current tutoring package, the tutoring package can be prorated to the number of hours completed. For example, if a student purchases a 20-hour package and completes 12-hours of tutoring, they have the option to switch their package to a 10-hour-package hourly rate.

Are There Any Discounts Available?

Medlearnity keeps its prices up-to-date and transparent. If there are any discounts available, we will email our students and reflect any prices changes in our store.