Meet Andjela Nemcevic

Personal Statement

As an International student who has had to work hard to figure out a path towards medical school and residency, I made a point to become a mentor and tutor to as many students as possible, help them believe in their dreams, and make their road to success smoother! Being on a team with a student helping them grow and get into a medical career is a privilege and I am grateful to have this opportunity through Medlearnity.

Andjela Nemcevic


Education Background

  • Undergraduate: University of Washington, 2015
  • Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, 2021
  • Residency: NYU Langone Department of Dermatology, current-2025


I have 4 years of medical exam tutoring experience and have taught over 100 students in areas such as cardiology, renal, dermatology, infectious disease, and ob-gyn.

I specialize in Step 2, Step 3, and Shelf Exams. I have also received the following scores in the exams I tutor:

  • Step 1 - 259
  • Step 2 - 267
  • Step 3 - 238

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